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Investment Criteria

G&H Ventures seeks to provide equity or mezzanine financing to companies with sales
of a minimum of $10 million and exceptional growth prospects or a strong, stable market
position. G&H Ventures is a truly non-bureaucratic organization with a fast and flexible
decision making process that enables us to quickly execute transactions.


Industries of Interest

  • Financial services, with a particular interest in specialty finance


  • US based companies

Investment Size

  • Target investment size of $10-$50 million per transactio
  • Potential for additional investments if financial and operational targets are

Type of Investments

  • Facilitate growth capital, divestiture, consolidation, and recapitalization
  • Can provide senior debt financing alongside our equity or mezzanine investment
  • Flexible as to investment structure (majority/minority interest etc.)
  • Interested in “platform” companies in fragmented industries where proven
    business models can be expanded through acquisitions
  • Generally not interested in start-up companies, unless led by established industry
    executives with a track record of prior success

Investment Horizon

  • Truly long term investment horizon. Happy to hold the investment as long as
    significant additional value can be created
  • No forced exit targets or memorandums demanding an exit within a specific time
    frame. The capital we invest can be seen as permanent capital. We are happy to
    see returns from growth in profits, dividends, or other distributions


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